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The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mat hematics in the Natural Sciences

  title={The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mat hematics in the Natural Sciences},
  author={Richard Courant},
There is a story about two friends, who were classmates in high school, talking about their jobs. One of them became a statistician and was working on population trends. He showed a reprint to his former classmate, The reprint started, as usual, with the Gaussian distribution and the statistician explained to his former classmate the meaning of the symbols for the actual population, for the average population, and so on. His classmate was a bit incredulous and was not quite sure whether the… 

A perspective on bridging scales and design of models using low-dimensional manifolds and data-driven model inference

It is argued that model reduction analysis and the ensuing identification of manifolds bridges physics and biology, and anticipates a new generative data-driven modelling paradigm constrained by identified governing principles extracted from low-dimensional manifold analysis.

Taking Physical Infinity Seriously

    D. Perlis
    Physics, Education
    Martin Davis on Computability, Computational Logic, and Mathematical Foundations
  • 2016
The concept of infinity took centuries to achieve recognized status in the field of mathematics, despite the fact that it was implicitly present in nearly all mathematical endeavors. Here I explore

Experimental demonstrations for randomness-based macroscopic Franson-type nonlocal correlation using coherently coupled photons

Franson-type nonlocal quantum correlation based on the particle nature of quantum mechanics has been intensively studied for both fundamental physics and potential applications of quantum key

Invariance i n Physical theory

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Quantum Mechanics, 3rd Edit

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Invariance i n Physical theory

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The limits of science The Nature of Physical Realisty

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Naturphilosophie. Junker und Diinnhaupt

    Naturphilosophie. Junker und Diinnhaupt
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On quantum mechanics, Zeits. f. Physik On quantum mechanics, Part I I , Zeits. f. Physik

    The quoted sentence occurs in the latter article
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