The Unprecedented Stock Market Impact of Covid-19

  title={The Unprecedented Stock Market Impact of Covid-19},
  author={Scott R. Baker and Nicholas Bloom and Steven J. Davis and Kyle J Kost and Marco Sammon and Tasaneeya Viratyosin},
  journal={ERN: Stock Market Risk (Topic)},
No previous infectious disease outbreak, including the Spanish Flu, has impacted the stock market as forcefully as the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, previous pandemics left only mild traces on the U.S. stock market. We use text-based methods to develop these points with respect to large daily stock market moves back to 1900 and with respect to overall stock market volatility back to 1985. We also evaluate potential explanations for the unprecedented stock market reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic… 

Stock Markets’ Reaction to Covid-19: Cases or Fatalities

In this paper, we examine the stock markets’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Using daily COVID-19 confirmed cases and deaths and stock market returns data from 64 countries over the period January

COVID-19 pandemic and stock market reaction: empirical insights from 15 Asian countries

Examination of the stock market behaviour in 15 selected Asian markets amid the COVID-19 Pandemic infer about the surge in market return volatilities amid the rapid spread of the coronavirus which was primarily triggered through the impaired investors’ sentiments due to the announcement effects.

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The outbreak of COVID‐19 pandemic and its impact on stock market volatility: Evidence from a worst‐affected economy

Findings reveal that the stock market in India has experienced volatility during the pandemic period and the return on the indices is higher in the pre‐CO VID‐19 period than during COVID‐19.

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