The Universal Plate Revisited

  title={The Universal Plate Revisited},
  author={Emilia Calvo and Roser Puig i T{\`a}rrech},
  journal={Suhayl. International Journal for the History of the Exact and Natural Sciences in Islamic Civilisation},
  • E. CalvoR. Tàrrech
  • Published 2006
  • Physics
  • Suhayl. International Journal for the History of the Exact and Natural Sciences in Islamic Civilisation
Theuniversal plate devised by cAll Ibn Khalaf al-Saydalanl is a universal instrument of the 11th century al-Andalus. Among the Alfonsine Libros del Saber de Astronomia, there is a book which includes the treatise on its construction, the author of which is Isl)aq b. Sld (Rabiyag) a collaborator of the King, and the treatise on the use which seems to be a translation from a lost original Arabic written by Ibn Khalaf. Although both treatises have been partially studied previously, there were many… 
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