The Unity and Diversity of the Mediterranean World

  title={The Unity and Diversity of the Mediterranean World},
  author={George Sarton},
  pages={406 - 463}
  • G. Sarton
  • Published 1 January 1936
  • History
  • Osiris
i. In January and February I933 I had the honor of delivering eight lectures of the Hitchcock Professorship at the University of California in Berkeley. After my return to Cambridge, I decided to write these lectures as soon as possible and to prepare them for publication. Unfortunately after having written the first one I fell ill and was obliged to go to Jamaica for a few weeks of rest. Since that time one new duty after another has prevented me from writing the other lectures. As long as I… 
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Pre- and post-Braudelian conceptions of the Mediterranean area. The puzzle of boundaries
This contribution discusses some uses of the Mediterranean label by Mediterranean people themselves and confronts them with the dominant academic construct of Mediterranean unity and diversity.
Identité locale et médiation républicaine dans Manon des sources de Marcel Pagnol
RÉSUMÉ Les films de Pagnol sont généralement présentés comme des représentations de la culture méditerranéenne dont l’authenticité repose souvent sur l’usage de stéréotypes de l’identité locale.


Oriental Senators in the Service of Rome: A Study of Imperial Policy down to the Death of Marcus Aurelius
The careers of Roman senators born in the Eastern half of the Empire are interesting and worthy of study for several reasons. They include men who influenced affairs in such different ways as Herodes
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