The Unintended Consequences of Politicization of the Belt and Road’s China-Europe Freight Train Initiative

  title={The Unintended Consequences of Politicization of the Belt and Road’s China-Europe Freight Train Initiative},
  author={Yin-nor Linda Tjia},
  journal={The China Journal},
  pages={58 - 78}
The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has been widely criticized as a purely strategic project to enhance China’s international influence. Focusing on an ongoing yet underresearched signature BRI project, the China-Europe freight train routes, this article challenges such a sweeping characterization, which has masked the complexities of the reality. The freight initiative arose from local-level actors in multiple sites as a cost-effective means to make use of preexisting rail tracks across Asia to… Expand
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Chongqing: Equitable Development," 573. 56. Other transnational companies include steelmaker Thyssen Krupp and fuel tank manufacturer