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The Unexplored Relationship between Intuition and Innovation

  title={The Unexplored Relationship between Intuition and Innovation},
  author={Donald R. Officer},
Intuition is a difficult concept to define but one that most people recognize as an important factor in thought and judgment. Intuition permits the acceptance of logic and mathematics as both true and valid realities without material evidence. Psychologists have tended to avoid the topic of intuition considering it as just one of many unobservable mental entities scientists are therefore unable to test. Students of innovation, however, see an interesting connection between innovation and… 


Intuition enables individuals to develop an understanding of the structure of complex systems. In interior design many decisions are reached intuitively even though the process of formulating

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The current research studies the relationship between innovation and business excellence within bounded rationality framework in Indian context. The study conceptualizes innovation as a intuitive

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The Role of Autobiographical Experiences with Emotional Significance of an Architect in Design Conjecturing. (December 2008) Irina Solovyova, Dipl., Volgograd State Architectural and Engineering

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This paper argues that the hammām – the Islamic public bath – has a double value from the point of view of cultural heritage: it is a valuable historical building with a rich architecture and specifi



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The Tenth Anniversary Edition of Intelligence explains the development of intelligence in the 21st Century through the applications of language, linguistics, mathematics, and more.

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Argues that creative and practical intelligence, rather than the results of a standard IQ test, are the keys to succeeding in the business world and doing well at most jobs.

A kick in the seat of the pants a kick in the seat of the pants, by Roger von Oech, New York, NY: Harper Sr. Row, 1986,153 pp. $8.95 (ISBN 0‐06‐096024‐8)

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Rene Descartes: the essential writings/ translated and with introductions and a conceptual index by

  • Rene Descartes: the essential writings/ translated and with introductions and a conceptual index by
  • 1977