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The Unequal Eects of Weather and Climate Change: Evidence from Mortality in India

  title={The Unequal Eects of Weather and Climate Change: Evidence from Mortality in India},
  author={Robin Burgess and Olivier Deschenes and David Donaldson and Michael Greenstone},
Weather ‡uctuations have shaped the economic activities of humans for centuries. And in poor, developing countries, where large swathes of the population continue to depend on basic agriculture, the weather continues to be a key determinant of production and employment. This raises the possibility that weather shocks may translate into increases in mortality. To investigate this possibility we examine the relationship between weather and death across Indian districts between 1957 and 2000. Our… 
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ABSTRACT:We use detailed crime, agriculture, and weather data from India during the years 1971–2000 to conduct a systematic analysis of the relationship between weather shocks and multiple categories
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We use detailed crime, agriculture, and weather data from India during the years 1971–2000 to conduct a systematic analysis of the relationship between weather shocks and multiple categories of
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Adaptation to climate change: historical evidence from the Indian monsoon
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  • Economics, Environmental Science
    Environment and Development Economics
  • 2017
Abstract Estimating the potential impacts of climate change requires understanding the ability of agents to adapt to changes in their climate. This paper uses panel data from India spanning from 1956
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