The Unconventional Xer Recombination Machinery of Streptococci/Lactococci

  title={The Unconventional Xer Recombination Machinery of Streptococci/Lactococci},
  author={Pascal Le Bourgeois and Marie Bugarel and Nathalie Campo and Marie-Line Daveran-Mingot and Jessica Labont{\'e} and Daniel Lanfranchi and Thomas Lautier and Carine Pag{\`e}s and Paul Ritzenthaler},
  journal={PLoS Genetics},
  pages={12783 - 12788}
Homologous recombination between circular sister chromosomes during DNA replication in bacteria can generate chromosome dimers that must be resolved into monomers prior to cell division. In Escherichia coli, dimer resolution is achieved by site-specific recombination, Xer recombination, involving two paralogous tyrosine recombinases, XerC and XerD, and a 28-bp recombination site (dif) located at the junction of the two replication arms. Xer recombination is tightly controlled by the septal… CONTINUE READING


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