The Ulama in Pakistani Politics

  title={The Ulama in Pakistani Politics},
  author={Mohamed Nawab bin Mohamed Osman},
  journal={South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies},
  pages={230 - 247}
Abstract The ulama are important figures within Muslim societies. In the Indian sub-continent, their influence has transcended the socio-religious realm to include the political realm as well. This paper is an attempt to examine the role of the ulama in Pakistani politics. It also seeks to build a trajectory of their future influence in Pakistani politics. There are four parts to the paper. The first part will examine the historical role of the ulama in the Indian sub-continent. The second part… 


Military rule, islamism and democracy in Pakistan
Pakistan's politics has been shaped by the dynamics of civilian-military relations and Islamism's relation to the state. This has created an ongoing negotiation for power in which the military,
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