The UNIX system UNIX operating system security

  title={The UNIX system UNIX operating system security},
  author={F. T. Grampp and Robert H. Morris},
  journal={AT\&T Bell Laboratories Technical Journal},
Computing systems that are easy to access and that facilitate communication with other systems are by their nature difficult to secure. Most often, though, the level of security that is actually achieved is far below what it could be. This is due to many factors, the most important of which are the knowledge and attitudes of the administrators and users of such systems. We discuss here some of the security hazards of the UNIX™ operating system, and we suggest ways to protect against them, in… 
UNIX security in a supercomputing environment
  • M. Bishop
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings of the 1989 ACM/IEEE Conference on Supercomputing (Supercomputing '89)
  • 1989
The need for security in a supercomputing environment is discussed and modifications to the UNIX operating system are suggested that would decrease the vulnerability of those sites to attacks.
Integrating security in a large distributed system
Usage experience reveals that resource control, particularly of workstation CPU cycles, is more important than originally anticipated and that the mechanisms available to address this issue are rudimentary.
ITOSS: An Integrated Toolkit For Operating System Security
A method or model for implementing secure operating systems should posses the following attributes: security requirements include the protection of operating systems from unauthorized incursion and subversion.
Analyzing the Security of an Existing Computer System
A method of providing a basis for the “thought experiment” by writing a special manual for parts of the operating system, system programs, and library subroutines and presents a mathematical proof that the system satisfies the security policy.
Integrity mechanisms in a secure UNIX - Gould UTX/32S
An approach taken in designing applications software that involves superimposing domains upon the UNIX secure by the National Computer Security Center under file system and the addition of features that enable easy use the Department of Defense Trusted Computer System of domains.
Practical Problems with a Cryptographic Protection Scheme
Z is a software system designed to provide media-transparent net- work services on a collection of UNIX® machines; Z preserves file own- ership on remote transfer, and more significantly, owner and group iden- tity when executing commands remotely.
Practical problems with a cryptographic protection scheme (invited)
Z is a software system designed to provide media-transparent network services on a collection of UNIX® machines; Z preserves file ownership on remote transfer, and more significantly, owner and group identity when executing commands remotely.
The COPS Security Checker System
This paper describes one such tool to detect potential security problems as an aid to system administrators: Cops.
An Integrated Toolkit for Operating System Security
A number of novel interlocking techniques are developed which can be combined in many ways to provide tremendously enhanced security in the security toolkit, ITOSS.
A Structured Approach to Computer Security
This paper describes security concepts and gives a survey of security terminology, and establishes a taxonomy reflecting concepts within the security area which enables the integration of security and dependability.


The UNIX system: File security and the UNIX system crypt command
A decryption method that can be deciphered in a few hours by algebraic techniques and human interaction is outlined and shown to be applicable to a proposed strengthened algorithm as well.
Password security: a case history
The present design of the password security scheme was the result of countering observed attempts to penetrate the system and is a compromise between extreme security and ease of use.
An Enhanced Uucp," Research Triangle Institute Technical Memorandum CDSR005, Research Triangle
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Mr. Morris was first concerned with assessing the capability of the switched telephone network for data transmission in the Data Systems Engineering department
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