The U.S. and Mexico: Borderland Development and the National Economies

  title={The U.S. and Mexico: Borderland Development and the National Economies},
  author={Lay James Gibson and Alfonso Corona Renter{\'i}a},
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Introduction Cities have a long history, but the growth of very large cities and the transition towards a global urban society date from the advent of industrial urbanism in the early nineteenth
Cross-Border Economic Development and Cooperation
Globalization, as an increasingly dominant force since the last decades of the twentieth century, is shaping a new era of interaction among various political, cultural and economic groups throughout
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In 1954 the Regional Science Association held its first conference in Detroit, Michigan. Seven years later, in 1961, the Western Regional Science Association was founded as one of the four United
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Morphological Themes of Informal Housing in Colonias: Impacts of Sociocultural Identity on Webb County Housing Form. (August 2005) Azza Mohamed Kamal El Sayed Ibrahim, B.S.;M.S.; Ph.D., Cairo
Mexico's 1989-94 Tourism Plan: Implications of Internal Political and Economic Instability
This article is a descriptive study of the tourism modernization plan adopted and implemented by Mexico as a means of improving the economic performance of the country. It presents in detail the
Hispanic-American Social-Science Baseline Essay 1996 Toward an Understanding of Hispanic History
ions that had meant little to the masses. More often than not, these ideals were little more than pretenses for the exploitation of the many by a few. Unable to place their houses in order, the