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The U 11 / U 12 snRNP 65 K protein acts as a molecular bridge , binding the U 12 snRNA and U 1159 K protein

  title={The U 11 / U 12 snRNP 65 K protein acts as a molecular bridge , binding the U 12 snRNA and U 1159 K protein},
  author={H. Benecke and R. L{\"u}hrmann and C. Will},
U11 and U12 interact cooperatively with the 50 splice site and branch site of pre-mRNA as a stable preformed di-snRNP complex, thereby bridging the 50 and 30 ends of the intron within the U12-dependent prespliceosome. To identify proteins contributing to di-snRNP formation and intron bridging, we investigated protein–protein and protein–RNA interactions between components of the U11/ U12 snRNP. We demonstrate that the U11/U12-65K protein possesses dual binding activity, interacting directly… CONTINUE READING
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