The Twentieth Dynasty Revisited

  title={The Twentieth Dynasty Revisited},
  author={K. Kitchen},
  journal={The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology},
  pages={116 - 125}
  • K. Kitchen
  • Published 1982
  • History
  • The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology
Opinions still differ I over whether Ramesses IV really was the son and heir to Ramesses III as he himself claimed in P. Harris 1.2 Substantiation for Ramesses' claim from a third party may here be offered from a source not utilized hitherto: Theban Tomb 148, belonging to Amenemope, sometime First Prophet of Mut and Third Prophet of Amlin. The texts from the broad hall (south half) of this chapel show that Amenemope served under Ramesses III, IV, and V, but not demonstrably any later. The time… Expand
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On this point, I have changed my mind since yEA
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Except to note that her tomb, also, was given by favour of a king, although unnamed, LDT III, 230. 72 For which see von Beckerath
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If she were not King's Mother to Ramesses VI, of what king was she the mother, and why then should Ramesses VI trouble about her? This kind of problem is left unanswered
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153; this is preferable to my earlier tentative suggestion that Ramesses IX was the son of Ramesses VIII
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