The Turing Bombe Victory and the first naval Enigma decrypts

  title={The Turing Bombe Victory and the first naval Enigma decrypts},
  author={John Wright},
  pages={295 - 328}
ABSTRACT Victory was the name of the first prototype Bombe that was developed for breaking the German Enigma messages of World War II. It lacked the diagonal board and simultaneous scanning that was provided for all the later models, but these disadvantages were overcome by the ingenious use of a column menu (a special Bombe menu where the Enigma fast rotors are all in the same position) to break six days of naval traffic, 22–27 April 1940, following the pinch of material from an armed trawler… 
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Seizing The Enigma The Race To Break The German U Boat Codes 1939 1943
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Seizing The Enigma The Race To Break The German U Boat Codes 1939 1943
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  • Environmental Science
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