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The Turbo Roundabout: A First in North America

  title={The Turbo Roundabout: A First in North America},
  author={T Murphy},
The Victoria International Airport wished to expand their surface parking lots and relocate a main roadway at the airport. The project included a new intersection which was planned to have a roundabout. A previous planning study had recommended either a single lane or double lane roundabout be implemented at the intersection. A Value Analysis was undertaken with the Client to analyze the required functions at the intersection, develop alternatives, assess the alternatives, and discern a… Expand
Performance Evaluation of Basic Turbo Roundabouts as an Alternative to Conventional Double-Lane Roundabouts
A comparison study of the design and implementation of basic turbo roundabouts in the Netherlands found that the simpler the design, the better the quality of the roundabouts. Expand
Draft of turbo roundabouts design considering climatic features of Russian Federation
The paper presents the basic design rules of turbo roundabouts proposed in Russian Federation considering spiral geometry as a basis and developed decisions have to provide a possibility of snow removal and also visual perception of the lanes on turbo roundabout in winter conditions. Expand
Effectiveness of unconventional roundabouts in the design of suburban intersections
The aim is to evaluate the effectiveness of non-conventional design schemes compared to conventional solutions through the implementation of vehicular traffic microsimulation techniques and swept path analysis, and proposes a methodological approach that can be pursued by the road designer, for the choice between alternative design solutions of conventional and non- Conventional roundabout intersections. Expand