The Trouble With Assumptions

  title={The Trouble With Assumptions},
  author={Judith Rich Harris},
  journal={Psychological Inquiry},
  • J. Harris
  • Published 1 October 1998
  • Psychology
  • Psychological Inquiry
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Securing adulthood: An examination of the relationship between attachment styles and self-perception of adult status
The modern transition to adulthood spans a long and varied path, and little is understood about what factors may prevent some adults from making important role transitions such as commitment in
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This article tracks a practicing forensic psychologist's efforts to develop a scientifically based framework for doing child custody evaluations. To apply knowledge from the field of developmental
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Whether originally calculated coefficients alpha underestimate the reliability of the family functioning measures given is evaluated and the reassessment of reliability based on the extracted factors indicated an overall increase in the coefficients alpha.
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The Achievement of Potential: an Exploration in Educational and Social Contexts outlines a qualitative study conducted in the North East of Scotland within the context of Scottish Education. This


Mechanisms Linking Genetic and Social Influences in Adolescent Development
opment. On the one hand, current studies of the social environment, using improved methods, report sizable associations between en vironmental factors, such as par enting practices, and indices of
The quality of the toddler's relationship to mother and to father: Related to conflict behavior and the readiness to establish new relationships.
MAIN, MARY, and WESTON, DONNA R. The Quality of the Toddler's Relationship to Mother and to Father: Related to Conflict Behavior and the Readiness to Establish New Relationships. CHILD DEVELOPMENT,
Growing Up in the Post-Modern Age: On the Child's Situation in the Modern Family, and on the Position of the Family in the Modern Welfare State
Referring to an ongoing comparative study of Childhood, Society, and Devel opment in the Nordic countries (the BASUN project), led by Lars Dencik at Roskilde University in Denmark, the paper presents
The average expectable environment is not good enough: a response to Scarr.
I take the position, contrary to Scarr's, that the details of socialization patterns are crucial to an understanding of normal and deviant development, and the strong conclusions Scarr draws from heritability analyses to support her thesis that genotypes drive experiences overlook their inherent limitations.
Where is the child's environment? A group socialization theory of development.
Do parents have any important long-term effects on the development of their child's personality? This article examines the evidence and concludes that the answer is no. A new theory of development is
Developmental theories for the 1990s: development and individual differences.
It is argued that an evolutionary perspective can unite the study of both species-typical development and individual variation and research on determininants of development from many perspectives can be understood within an evolutionary framework in which organism and environment combine to produce development.
Quality of infants' attachments to professional caregivers: relation to infant-parent attachment and day-care characteristics.
75 infants (mean age 15 months) were observed 3 times in the Strange Situation with their professional caregivers, mothers, and fathers, and the quality of infant-caregiver attachment was independent of both infant-mother and infant-father attachments.
The case for the prosecution: Transfer as an epiphenomenon.
Santayana (1905--1906 /1982) implied that pr evious experience can transfer to new situations whe n he said, “Those who cannot rememb er the past are condemned to repeat it” (p. 423). Hegel (1 832/
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Links between children's relationships with younger siblings, friends and peers were studied in a sample of 5–10-year-olds. Measures of children's sibling relationships were collected during home
Moving Beyond the Heritability Question
50% of the variability of personal ity within a population. The find ing of genetic influences on person ality has been replicated across American, Australian, British, Finnish, Swedish, and Russian