The Trop-2 signalling network in cancer growth

  title={The Trop-2 signalling network in cancer growth},
  author={Emanuela Guerra and Marco Trerotola and Anna Laura Aloisi and Romina Tripaldi and Giovanni Vacca and Rossana La Sorda and Rossano Lattanzio and Mauro Piantelli and Siegfried Alberti},
Our findings show that upregulation of a wild-type Trop-2 has a key controlling role in human cancer growth, and that tumour development is quantitatively driven by Trop-2 expression levels. However, little is known about the regulation of expression of the TROP2 gene. Hence, we investigated the TROP2 transcription control network. TROP2 expression was shown to depend on a highly interconnected web of transcription factors: TP63/TP53L, ERG, GRHL1/Get-1 (grainyhead-like epithelial transactivator… CONTINUE READING