The Treatment of Female Genital Disorders with Steroid Hormones


.4. report on 700 eases It is my object in the present article to giv<? an account of a few of the various female genit^j disorders and the treatment adopted by me with hormones during the last 12 years. (A) Treatment with female hormones The rationale of oestrogen therapy is based upon certain physiological considerations. Th0 female hormones produced by the ovaries a1'0 oestrin and progesterone. While the former i? secreted continuously from almost the yep beginning of. life, in the mature female it? effects are responsible for the maintenance ot such secondary sex characteristics as the shape of the female breasts, the size of the adult uterus and adnexa, and the ' oestrus ' condition of the vaginal mucosa. Progesterone, on the other hand, is secreted in the menstrual cycle only for a few days every month. The physiological actions of the two hormones

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