The Transient Chondrocyte Phenotype in Human Osteophytic Cartilage

  title={The Transient Chondrocyte Phenotype in Human Osteophytic Cartilage},
  author={Patricia P Klinger and Christian Beyer and Arif B. Ekici and Hans-Dieter Carl and Georg Schett and Bernd Swoboda and Friedrich Frank Hennig and K Gelse},
OBJECTIVE To identify factors that are responsible for the phenotypic differences between transient chondrocytes within human osteophytes prone to endochondral ossification and permanent chondrocytes within articular cartilage persisting for decades. METHODS Differential gene expression of chondrocytes from human osteophytes or from articular cartilage was detected by cDNA microarray analysis. The expression of pigment epithelium-derived factor (PEDF), one of the most impressively… CONTINUE READING
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