The Transformation of Intimacy: Sexuality, Love, and Eroticism in Modern Societies

  title={The Transformation of Intimacy: Sexuality, Love, and Eroticism in Modern Societies},
  author={Anthony Giddens},
Preface. Introduction. 1. Everyday Experiments, Relationships, Sexuality. 2. Foucault on Sexuality. 3. Romantic Love and Other Attachments. 4. Love, Commitment and the Pure Relationship. 5. Love, Sex and Other Addictions. 6. The Sociological Meaning of Codependence. 7. Personal Turbulence, Sexual Troubles. 8. Contradictions of the Pure Relationship. 9. Sexuality, Repression, Civilisation. 10. Intimacy as Democracy. Index. 

Intimacy and Sexuality in the Age of Shakespeare: Introduction: Interiority, futurity, and affective relations in Renaissance literature

Introduction: interiority, futurity, and affective relations in Renaissance literature 1. Intimacy and narrative closure in Christopher Marlowe's Hero and Leander 2. A funny thing happened on the way

On Postmodern Uses of Sex

Of sex, eroticism and love, the first is natural and limited in its forms, while the other two are cultural products infinite in their expressions and applications. The history of eroticism is,

The Pornographic Context of Sexual Offences: Reflections on the Contemporary Sexual Mentality

This essay-like article explores the pornographic context of sexual violence. The analysis is based on Giddens' book about the development of intimacy and sexuality in late modernity. Sexual morality

Gender and Sexuality in the Poetry of Sylvia Plath

This paper analyses the manner in which Sylvia Plath's poems portray gender relations and, more specifically, how the construction of gender based on hierarchy and inequality becomes an obstacle to

Sex Before the Sexual Revolution: Intimate Life in England 1918-1963

1. Introduction Part I. What was Sex?: 2. The facts of life: learning about sex in childhood and youth 3. Sexual intimacies before marriage Part II. What was Love?: 4. Romance and love: finding a

Gender, Sexuality, and Social Change in Contemporary China

Drawing upon Raymond Williams’ notion of culture and in-depth interviews with 40 women, this article examines forces that have shaped the landscape of sexuality in China. It argues that the process

Power in the Erotic : Feminism and Lesbian Practice

This project is about power and sexual desire. The chapter explains the different ways in which ‘power’ is used: as a relational concept for dynamics between individuals, and as a structural societal

Non‐gandhian sexuality, commodity cultures, and a ‘happy married life’: The cultures of masculinity and heterosexuality in India

M Y EFFORT IN THIS PAPER IS TO PRESENT A PRELIMINARY OUTLINE TOWARDS AN anthropological perspective on post-colonial modernity, with particular emphasis on the cultures of sexuality. I also wish to

On cultural transformations of sexuality and gender in recent decades

  • V. Sigusch
  • Art
    German medical science : GMS e-journal
  • 2004
The author refers to the broad-based recoding and reassessment of the sexual sphere during the eighties and nineties as the “neosexual revolution”, and the outcome may be described as “lean sexuality” and “self-sex”.

Sexuality, subjectivity … and political economy?

This article argues that the relationship between sexuality and political economy remains elusive to the extent that fantasy is under-theorized. Queer and feminist theorists of this relationship



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