The Transcendental Character of Determinism

  title={The Transcendental Character of Determinism},
  author={Patrick Suppes},
  journal={Midwest Studies in Philosophy},
  • P. Suppes
  • Published 1 September 1993
  • Philosophy
  • Midwest Studies in Philosophy
DETERMINISM in philosophical discussions of determinism I believe it is fair to say that there is not ordinarily a sharp separation of a process being deterministic and a process being predictable. Much of the philosophical talk about determinism proceeds as if it is understood that a deterministic process is necessarily predictable. Here is a typical quotation, taken from A. J. Ayer's essay " Freedom and Necessity: " " Nevertheless, it may be said, if the postulate of determinism is valid… 

Determinism: What We Have Learned and What We Still Don’t Know

The purpose of this paper is to give a brief survey the implications of the theories of modern physics for the doctrine of determinism. The survey will reveal a curious feature of determinism: in

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It has notoriously been supposed that the doctrine of determinism conflicts with the belief in human freedom. Yet it is not readily apparent how indeterminism, the denial of determinism, makes human

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This article focuses on three themes concerning determinism and indeterminism. The first theme is observational equivalence between deterministic and indeterministic models. Here I discuss several

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    Zeitschrift für philosophische Forschung
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In some German-language contributions to the debate on free will, it is assumed or claimed that determinism is not an empirically verifiable thesis. Peter Bieri, for example, thinks that one must

Evidence for the Deterministic or the Indeterministic Description? A Critique of the Literature About Classical Dynamical Systems

It can be shown that certain kinds of classical deterministic and indeterministic descriptions are observationally equivalent. Then the question arises: which description is preferable relative to

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The paper outlines the main traits of Patrick Suppes' 'probabilistic empiricism'. It combines the conviction that probability should be assigned a central role within epistemology with a serious

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The reader who is interested in under standing the general idea of the noninvariance claim I am making about deterministic causal models should be able to get the gist of the argument entirely from what is said in this introductory section.

Physics without determinism: Alternative interpretations of classical physics

Classical physics is generally regarded as deterministic, as opposed to quantum mechanics that is considered the first theory to have introduced genuine indeterminism into physics. We challenge this

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It is relatively straightforward to explain the thesis of this paper as reflected in its title and also the supporting argument for the thesis. Back of this informal and conceptually transparent



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THE paradox of Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen [1] was advanced as an argument that quantum mechanics could not be a complete theory but should be supplemented by additional variables. These additional

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In recent years a propensity interpretation of probability, thought of primarily as an objective interpretation, has become popular with a number of philosophers, and there has developed a rather


Philosophers of past times have claimed that the answer to the question, Is visual space Euclidean?, can be answered by a priori or purely philo­sophical methods. Today such a view is presumably held

Undecidability and intractability in theoretical physics.

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  • 1985
Cellular automata are used to provide explicit examples of various formally undecidable and computationally intractable problems and it is suggested that such problems are common in physical models, and some other potential examples are discussed.

Statistical properties of chaotic systems

The theory of smooth dynamical systems and the theory of abstract dynamical systems (ergodic theory), although having the same roots, have for many years developed quite independently of one another.

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We prove the existence of hidden variables, or, what we call generalized common causes, for finite sequences of pairwise correlated random variables that do not have a joint probability distribution.

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Finite systems of deterministic ordinary nonlinear differential equations may be designed to represent forced dissipative hydrodynamic flow. Solutions of these equations can be identified with

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Continuum equations are derived for the large-scale behavior of a class of cellular automaton models for fluids. The cellular automata are discrete analogues of molecular dynamics, in which particles