The Trabecula cranii: development and homology of an enigmatic vertebrate head structure

  title={The Trabecula cranii: development and homology of an enigmatic vertebrate head structure},
  author={R. Cerny and I. Hor{\'a}{\vc}ek and L. Olsson},
  journal={Animal Biology},
  • R. Cerny, I. Horáček, L. Olsson
  • Published 2006
  • Biology
  • Animal Biology
  • The vertebrate cranium consists of three parts: neuro-, viscero- and dermatocranium, which differ in both developmental and phylogenetic origin. Traditionally, developmental origin has been used as a criterion for homology, but this becomes problematic when skull elements such as the parietal bone are now shown, by modern fate-mapping studies, to have different developmental origins in different groups of tetrapods. This indicates a flexibility of developmental programmes and regulatory… CONTINUE READING
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