The Toxicity of Chemicals on Fish-II

  title={The Toxicity of Chemicals on Fish-II},
  author={Tomokichi Yoshihara and Junichi Fujioka},
  • Tomokichi Yoshihara, Junichi Fujioka
  • Published 1955
  • Biology
  • The effectiveness of insecticide on the young carp was determined by the method which was described in the previous paper10). Names of insecticide are shown in Table 1, a result of the experiments is shown in Table 2 and LD 50 for each insecticide were obtained. The time which fish is killed by the insecticide is related to the concentration of insecticide by the eqauation (1), from which we may obtain the OSTWALD's formula (2). The order of intensity of toxicity on fish may be known from Fig… CONTINUE READING