The Topology of a Subspace of the Legendrian Curves on a Closed Contact 3-Manifold

  title={The Topology of a Subspace of the Legendrian Curves on a Closed Contact 3-Manifold},
  author={Ali Maalaoui and Vittorio Martino},
  journal={Advanced Nonlinear Studies},
  pages={393 - 426}
Abstract In this paper we study a subspace of the space of Legendrian loops and we show that the injection of this space into the full loop space is an S1-equivariant homotopy equivalence. This space can be also seen as the space of zero Maslov index Legendrian loops and it shows up as a suitable space of variations in contact form geometry. 

A Smale Type Result and Applications to Contact Homology

In this note we will show that the injection of a suitable subspace of the space of Legendrian loops into the full loop space is an S 1 -equivariant homotopy equivalence. Moreover, since the smaller

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Prologue * Introduction, Statement of Results, Discussion of Related Hypotheses * I. Review of the Previous Results, Some Open Questions * II. Intermediate Section: Recalling the Results Described in

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Contact geometry and complex surfaces

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