The Toddler-in-Chief

  title={The Toddler-in-Chief},
  author={Daniel W. Drezner},
« I Alone Can Fix It »
Donald Trump a transgressé de nombreuses normes présidentielles, dont celle de la prépondérance de l'expertise dans la formulation et la mise en oeuvre de la politique étrangère des États-Unis. Alors
Crisis, Rhetoric and Right-Wing Populist Incumbency: An Analysis of Donald Trump's Tweets and Press Briefings
How do right-wing-populist incumbents navigate rhetorical strategic choices when they seek to manage external crises? Relevant literature has paid increasing attention to the role of ‘crisis’ in
Business elites and populism: understanding business responses
ABSTRACT This article analyses the challenges to business associated with the rise of right-wing populism. It discusses how the populist turn has weakened key underpinnings of business power in the
Assessing the Trump Presidency on Its Own Terms
Abstract Some scholars have judged the Trump presidency to be an ineffective failure by applying theories of presidential power derived from the research of Richard Neustadt, who emphasized the need
The diapered Donald: Comic infantilizations of a U.S. American president
ABSTRACT The Trump-as-Infant trope is legion. This essay engages how infantilization constitutes comic diminution by dampening the magnitude of Donald J. Trump’s presidency and blunting its
Reacting, fast and slow: how world leaders shaped government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic
It is argued that leaders who tend to orient themselves on expert advice realized the extent of the crisis earlier and would adopt containment measures relatively quickly, despite the high uncertainty they faced, and plausibly extends to other large-scale societal crises.
The Status of Status in World Politics
ABSTRACT What is status? How does it work? What effects does it tend to have? A new wave of scholarship on status in international relations has converged on a central definition of status, several
After Failure: American Foreign Policy at the End of the Post–Cold War Era
The close of the Obama presidency prompted considerable thinking about the state of American foreign policy. With the election of Donald Trump, it appeared as if the United States and the world