The Titan -1:0 Nodal Bending Wave in Saturn's Ring C.

  title={The Titan -1:0 Nodal Bending Wave in Saturn's Ring C.},
  author={Paul A. Rosen and Jack J. Lissauer},
  volume={241 4866},
The most prominent oscillatory feature observed in the Voyager 1 radio occultation of Saturn's rings is identified as a one-armed spiral bending wave excited by Titan's -1:0 nodal inner vertical resonance. Ring partides in a bending wave move in coherently inclined orbits, warping the local mean plane of the rings. The Titan -1:0 wave is the only known bending wave that propagates outward, away from Saturn, and the only spiral wave yet observed in which the wave pattern rotates opposite to the… CONTINUE READING