The Timing of Entry Into Fatherhood in Young, At-Risk Men.

  title={The Timing of Entry Into Fatherhood in Young, At-Risk Men.},
  author={Katherine C. Pears and Susan L Pierce and Hyoun K. Kim and Deborah M. Capaldi and Lee D. Owen},
  journal={Journal of marriage and the family},
  volume={67 2},
Timing of first fatherhood was examined in a sample of 206 at-risk, predominantly White men, followed prospectively for 17 years. An event history analysis was used to test a model wherein antisocial behavior, the contextual and familial factors that may contribute to the development of antisocial behavior, and common correlates of such behavior, including academic failure, substance use, and early initiation of sexual behaviors, lead both directly and indirectly to an early transition to… CONTINUE READING

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