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The Times of India

  title={The Times of India},
  author={Manmohan Singh},
The forthcoming State visit of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh presents an opportunity for the Prime Minister to take the leadership on issues where the United States and India have common interests but also differences in approaches. Professor Jagdish Bhagwati, whose writings in the mid-1960s --with Professor Padma Desai, he wrote the celebrated book, India: Planning for Industrialization which laid out the entire agenda of reforms which would be adopted twenty years later --were instrumental in… Expand
India's response to the 1971 East Pakistan crisis: hidden and open reasons for intervention
This article investigates how India formulated its response to the 1971 East Pakistan genocidal crisis that culminated with the third Indo-Pakistani war, and argues that humanitarian considerations were only one side of the picture. Expand
Kashmir and the Problem of Terrorism: the Response of the Indian State
On the 16 June, 2009, in Yekaterinburg, Dr. Manmohan Singh, the suave and gentle prime minister of India engaged in an uncharacteristic outburst before the Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari, inExpand
Beyond an Imperial Foreign Policy?: India at the League of Nations, 1919–1946
ABSTRACT This article argues that India’s role as the only non-self-governing member of the League of Nations provides a largely unexamined entry point into understanding the nature of IndianExpand
The public life of history: an argument out of India
This essay, using India as a case in point, asks if history, the discipline, can any longer play an adjudicatory role in contemporary democracies at moments when matters relating to the past are inExpand
India-Pakistan Relationship: A Case of Perpetual Instability
The study aims to dispassionately analyze what the future holds for Indo-Pak relations. The two sides have maintained strained relations since their independence from the British Colonial rule inExpand
The 2011 State Assembly Election in West Bengal
On the basis of electoral data and other inputs from the grassroots, the article attempts to comprehend the poll reversal of the Left Front in West Bengal in 2011 state assembly election. The articleExpand
Indo Russian relations trends since 1991
India’s friendly stance towards Russia (erstwhile Soviet Union) has greatly been exaggerated, misinterpreted and misapprehended in India and abroad, particularly after the Soviet Union’sExpand
Road March: Searching a Better Alternative Way of Hartal Culture in Bangladesh
The political parties introduced various kinds of political cultures in the political avenue after the independence of Bangladesh in 1971. Hartal is one of the most indispensable measures thatExpand
India–New Zealand Relations in the New Century: A Historical Narrative of Changing Perceptions and Shifting Priorities
India–New Zealand relations, which could be historically dated back to the days of the British Empire, lacked until recently in substance and were rocked by several irritants, the most important ofExpand
The U.S. Pivot to Asia and Renewal of the U.S.–India Strategic Partnership
India's national interest has been propelling the country toward becoming a valuable, cooperative partner with the United States. The growing power of China is pushing India to look for partners,Expand