The Timbers of Commerce and their Identification

  title={The Timbers of Commerce and their Identification},
  author={A. Deane and London and William Rider},
THIS work is sure to meet with a cordial reception and to be welcomed by all branches of the timber trade. The information contained in its pages is such that only an enthusiast and expert could bring together with the cooperation of others interested in the growth and utilisation of timber in every part of the globe. In all 247 different species are described, even to the minutest detail. In each case the specific name and authority are stated, and, wherever necessary, to avoid confusion, the… 

Preliminary silvicultural recommendations and an updated annotated bibliography for birdseye sugar maple

The birdseye grain abnormality in sugar maple can greatly enhance its commercial appeal. However, birdseye has been opportunistically exploited, without exploring management strategies that can

Comparative wood anatomy of the Cupressaceae and correspondence with phylogeny, with special reference to the monotypic taxa

The wood anatomical study shows the high homogeneity of this family, revealing the presence of common ancestral features that support the union between Taxodiaceae and Cupressaceae s.l. and the separation of Sciadopitys.

Sapindoxylon Schleicheroides sp. nov., A fossil Dicotyledonous wood from the Deccan Intertrappean beds of Madhya Pradesh.

  • R. Dayal
  • Biology
    Journal of Palaeosciences
  • 1964
A new species of the genus Sapindoxylon Krausel (1922) described from the fossiliferous locality of Keria in the Deccan Intertrappean beds of Madhya Pradesh, which resembles the wood structure of the living genus Schleichera Willd.