The Thurston norm via normal surfaces

  title={The Thurston norm via normal surfaces},
  author={Daryl Cooper and Stephan Tillmann},
  journal={Pacific Journal of Mathematics},
Given a triangulation of a closed, oriented, irreducible, atoroidal 3-manifold every oriented, incompressible surface may be isotoped into normal position relative to the triangulation. Such a normal oriented surface is then encoded by nonnegative integer weights, 14 for each 3-simplex, that describe how many copies of each oriented normal disc type there are. The Euler characteristic and homology class are both linear functions of the weights. There is a convex polytope in the space of weights… 

Increasing the number of fibered faces of arithmetic hyperbolic 3-manifolds

We exhibit a closed hyperbolic 3-manifold which satisfies a very strong form of Thurston's Virtual Fibration Conjecture. In particular, this manifold has finite covers which fiber over the circle in

Bounds for the genus of a normal surface

This paper gives sharp linear bounds on the genus of a normal surface in a triangulated compact, orientable 3--manifold in terms of the quadrilaterals in its cell decomposition---different bounds

The Thurston norm via spun-normal immersions

Abstract A theory of transversely oriented spun-normal immersed surfaces in ideally triangulated 3–manifolds is developed in this paper, including linear functionals determining the boundary curves,

A survey of the Thurston norm

. We present an overview of the study of the Thurston norm, in- troduced by W. P. Thurston in the seminal paper “A norm for the homology of 3-manifolds” (written in 1976 and published in 1986). We

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This paper introduces even triangulations of n-dimensional pseudo-manifolds and links their combinatorics to the topology of the pseudo-manifolds. This is done via normal hypersurface theory and the

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Agol recently introduced the notion of a veering triangulation, and showed that such triangulations naturally arise as layered triangulations of fibered hyperbolic 3‐manifolds. We prove, by a

The computational complexity of knot genus in a fixed 3‐manifold

. We show that the problem of deciding whether a knot in a fixed closed orientable 3-dimensional manifold bounds a surface of genus at most g is in co-NP . This answers a question of Agol, Hass, and

Thurston norm via Fox calculus

In 1976 Thurston associated to a $3$-manifold $N$ a marked polytope in $H_1(N;\mathbb{R}),$ which measures the minimal complexity of surfaces representing homology classes and determines all fibered

Incompressible surfaces and spunnormal form

Suppose M is a cusped finite-volume hyperbolic 3-manifold and $${\mathcal{T}}$$ is an ideal triangulation of M with essential edges. We show that any incompressible surface S in M that is not a

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We use technology from sutured manifold theory and the theory of Heegaard splittings to relate genus reducing crossing changes on knots in S^3 to twists on surfaces arising in circular Heegaard



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efficient triangulations of 3-manifolds are defined and studied. It is shown that any triangulation of a closed, orientable, irreducible 3-manifold M can be modified to a 0-efficient triangulation

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In this announcement we discuss the close relationship between the topology of 3-manifolds and the foliations that is possesses. We will introduce and state the main result, then use it and the ideas

Algorithmic Topology and Classification of 3-Manifolds

Simple and special polyhedra.- Complexity theory of 3-manifolds.- Haken theory of normal surfaces.- Applications of the theory of normal surfaces.- Algorithmic recognition of S3.- Classification of

Isotopy classes of incompressible surfaces in irreducible 3-manifolds

A norm for the homology of 3-manifolds

On construit une norme naturelle aisement calculable sur l'homologie des 3-varietes. Cette norme est une extension de la notion de genre d'un nœud

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