The Thule Inuit Mummies From Greenland

  title={The Thule Inuit Mummies From Greenland},
  author={Niels Lynnerup},
  journal={The Anatomical Record},
  • N. Lynnerup
  • Published 1 June 2015
  • Biology
  • The Anatomical Record
Fourteen Thule Culture Inuit mummies are described here, including remarks on the cultural and archaeological setting of the Thule people. The mummy finds pertain to two mummy caches: six mummies found near Nuuk, at the site Pissisarfik, and eight mummies from Qilakitsoq. The latter find is the biggest mummy find in the Arctic. The mummies are all children and females. Although their state of preservation is uneven, much data about the Thule culture people has been gleaned from them. This… 

Medieval mummies of Zeleny Yar burial ground in the Arctic Zone of Western Siberia

This interdisciplinary study obtained fundamental information that will form the foundation of successful future investigations on medieval mummies found in the Western Siberian arctic.

Mummies in Siberia

Despite the academic works of Siberian mummies over the past decades, except for the Pazyryk mummy (Siberian Ice Maiden) in Ukok Plateau, the academic achievements are not well known to the outside

The Anatomy of the Mummy: Mortui Viventes Docent—When Ancient Mummies Speak to Modern Doctors

This issue of the Anatomical Record was conceived and formulated to bring together a series of researchers to highlight their most groundbreaking research on the scientific advances that surround the 21st Century AD study of these preserved biological beings including an illumination of the cultural processes that purposefully or inadvertently are preserved either within their tissues or are present within the context in which they are found.

Thule Inuit environmental impacts on Kangeq, southwest Greenland

An Ecogeographic Study of Body Proportion Development in the Sadlermiut Inuit of Southampton Island, Nunavut

An Ecogeographic Study of Body Proportion Development in the Sadlermiut Inuit of Southampton Island, Nunavut Natalie Symchych Doctor of Philosophy Graduate Department of Anthropology University of

History of the parasite and disease

Epidemiology of Trichinella in the Arctic and subarctic: A review

Death in the Ice: Re-investigations of the Remains from the Theodul Glacier (Switzerland)

Scattered human and animal bones, weapons, knives, jewellery, coins, leather fragments and fabrics were found at the Upper Theodul glacier (Switzerland) between 1984 and the early 1990s. The finds



HLA types of mummified Eskimo bodies from the 15th century.

The results indicate that two families were buried, one in each of the two tombs, and to see whether the HLA antigens found would be typical for now-living Eskimo populations.

mtDNA from hair and nail clarifies the genetic relationship of the 15th century Qilakitsoq Inuit mummies.

Using mtDNA from hair and nail, reanalyzed the mummies and identified three mtDNA haplogroups A2a and A2b amongst the 550-year-old Inuit, which puts a lower limit on the age of the two lineages in Greenland.

A First Isotopic Dietary Study of the Greenlandic Thule Culture

Abstract The isotopic dietary method has been applied to samples of some 65 Thule Culture individuals from existing archaeological collections of Greenlandic human skeletal material. The aim was to


Now his rocky tomb is opened, and his mummy is brought forth for investigation; to be x-rayed, to tell its extraordinary story to a race of people of which he and his court never dreamed. The gold

Cancer patterns in Inuit populations.

Norse Greenland Dietary Economy ca. AD 980-ca. AD 1450: Introduction

Abstract An initial study of the 13 C values for human bone collagen of 27 Norse Greenlanders in the late 1990s suggested a change in the Norse diet from predominantly terrestrial to predominantly

DNA from Arctic Human Burials

This chapter discusses this assumption that postmortem processes as well as subsequent microbial decomposition to be affected favorably by the low temperatures and the low humidity characteristic of Arctic and Alpine areas and describes some finds of frozen remains.

The archaeology at Qilakitsoq

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A probable case of Trichinosis in a Greenland child mummy. Abstract for Paleopathological Association Meeting

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