The Thirty Years' War, the “General Crisis,” and the Origins of a Standing Professional Army in the Habsburg Monarchy

  title={The Thirty Years' War, the “General Crisis,” and the Origins of a Standing Professional Army in the Habsburg Monarchy},
  author={John A. Mears},
  journal={Central European History},
  pages={122 - 141}
  • John A. Mears
  • Published 1 June 1988
  • History
  • Central European History
One of the most striking features of seventeenth-century state building was the formation of standing armies. Kings and princes throughout Europe, responding to conditions of almost constant strife, were compelled to transform ineffective feudal levies and unruly bands of mercenaries into regularized bodies of professional troops, making ever larger and more costly military establishments instruments of rational foreign policy rather than the preserves of the old nobility or freebooting… 
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Rudolph II never married, and Emperor Matthias produced no heirs. In 1617, their remaining and also childless brothers, Archdukes Maximilian (1558–1618) and Albrecht (1559–1621), and a young cousin


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Der österreichische und der preußische Beamtenstaat im 17. und 18. Jahrhundert
L u s c h i n v. E b e n g r e u l h , Arnold, Österreichische Reichsgeschichte (Ge­ schichte der S taatsb ild un g, der Rechtsquellen und des öffentlichen Rechts). Ein Lehrbuch. Bamberg, C. C.