The Thermodynamics of Time Travel

  title={The Thermodynamics of Time Travel},
  author={Eric Robert Taylor},
The concept of time travel captures the imagination of scientists and nonscientists alike. Though theoretical mathematical treatment of the issue in the realm of physics has offered potential means, albeit, wormholes requiring some rather strange conditions such as negative energy, what does thermodynamics suggest for the potential of time travel? Examination of the thermodynamic state functions of enthalpy and entropy from the Gibbs free energy relationship suggest that the final enthalpy… Expand
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The implications of information propagating around a causal chain that is closed in time (which is required to create the Anomaly) and whether this information need have a specific origin point are examined. Expand


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Quantum mechanics near closed timelike lines.
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Several novel and distinctive quantum-mechanical effects occur on and near closed timelike lines, including violations of the correspondence principle and of unitarity, and consideration of these sheds light on the nature of quantum mechanics. Expand
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The results strongly support the chronology protection conjecture: the laws of physics do not allow the appearance of closed timelike curves, even if violations of the weak energy condition are allowed by quantum theory. Expand
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The paper has been withdrawn by the author, due to a fatal error. A horse stumbles that has four legs.
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