The Thermodynamic Formalism Approach to Selberg's Zeta Function for Psl(2, Z)

  title={The Thermodynamic Formalism Approach to Selberg's Zeta Function for Psl(2, Z)},
  author={Dieter Mayer},
Besides the classical approach to Selberg's zeta function for cofinite Fuchsian groups [S] through the trace formula [V] there has been developed recently another one based on the thermodynamic formalism [R2] applied to the dynamical zeta function of Smale and Ruelle [F] which for geodesic flows on surfaces of constant negative curvature (c.n.c.) is closely related to Selberg's function for the corresponding Fuchsian group [Sm, Rl]. This latter approach however has been worked out up to now… CONTINUE READING
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