The Theory of Social and Economic Organization

  title={The Theory of Social and Economic Organization},
  author={Philipp Weintraub and Max Maria von Weber and A. M. Henderson and Talcott Parsons and Hans Heinrich Gerth and Charles Wright Mills},
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A synthetic polyisoprene rubber latex produced by emulsifying a solution of polyisoprene rubber in an organic solvent with water and removing the solvent from the resulting oil-in-water emulsion is significantly improved with respect to mechanical stability, wet gel strength and dry film strength by utilizing, as a polyisoprene rubber, a modified polyisoprene rubber prepared by introducing from about 0.03 to 20 carboxyl groups per 100 recurring units of isoprene monomer present in the synthetic… 

Technologies of power: Ritual economy and ceramic production in the Terminal Preclassic period Holmul Region, Guatemala

shapes. Actuncan polychromes are found in one exclusive form, bowls with composite walls, basal flange, and ring base (Figure 3.7). Surface finish and color (5YR5/8, 2.5YR5/8) are similar to other

A Universidade Técnica de Lisboa

The sn-1,3 selective recombinant Rhizopus oryzae lipase (r-ROL), produced by the methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastoris, was tested as alternative for the commercial lipases and showed the best operational stability in consecutive batches.

Utility Theory and Agrarian Societies

Neo‐classical utility theory has withstood several decades of sustained criticism. Its success has been due (1) to the ability of the theory to represent an essentially non‐analytical process by

The Royalties System and Paratrophic Copyright

This chapter discusses paratrophic process, a process that effects transfer of benefit from a larger to smaller group. The chapter argues that paratrophic process is characteristic of all property

The tragedy of the Thermostat; Solipsistic v. co-created individuation

ABSTRACT This paper asks how far the destructive aspects of over-consumption can be attributed to Western approaches to technology and individualisation. It reminds us that the autonomy of the

Applying economic sociology to understand the meaning of "Quality" in food markets

This article reviews the concept of the "market" and questions the standard view of the "market" developed by orthodox economic theory. The article highlights how Economic Sociology and Convention

Technical Modernization of Harvesting Machinery

The need to choose between modernization and innovation models of development actualizes the study of the basic modernization theories, its positive effects and negative consequences. The goals set


The critique of the neo‐classical theory of the labour market has been growing in strength in recent years. Two main strands can be identified. The American traditions emphasise the role of the