The Theory of Relativity

  title={The Theory of Relativity},
  author={Jacquelyn Mitchard},
THE earlier portion of Dr. Carmichael's book is a reprint of the first edition, which received notice in NATURE for March 12, 1914. The later pages, which are grouped together under one large chapter with twelve subheadings, deal with the generalised theory of relativity. The new chapter opens with a brief summary of results obtained from the restricted theory, and an account of the general theory follows. Sufficient detail is given to provide some explanation of the general theory of… 

The mathematical foundations of general relativity revisited

The purpose of this paper is to present for the first time an elementary summary of a few recent results obtained through the application of the formal theory of partial differential equations and

Expression of the General Properties of Physical Processes in the Space-Time Metric of the Special Theory of Relativity

Historical references concerning the establishment of the conventional character of the concept of simultaneity of spatially separated events are cited in the article. It is shown that when the

The hyperbolic theory of special relativity

The book is based largely on the author's researches presented at conferences in the period 1992 onwards. It is a historically based exposition and an extension of the hyperbolic version of special

The Gravitation Theory Review

This book surveys various alternative approaches to the problem of gravitation pursued around the turn of the last century and tries to assess their potential for integrating the contemporary knowledge of Gravitation.

Inconsistency between the general theory of relativity and the experimental results of Faraday's unipolar inductor

The non-inertiality of the rotating system of Faraday's unipolar generator forces us to address this problem using the principles of the general theory of relativity. The purpose of this study is to

Logunov and Mestvirishvil Disprove "General Relativity"

Based on the various documents, 1989-2002, through the original texts, in addition to the author's contributions, this paper presents the refutation of the mathematicians and physicists A. Logunov

Review of the Theory of Relativity

This study is a review of the theory of relativity. Einstein d evised the special theory of relativity in 19 05. In special relativity Einstein kep t some i deas in hi s subconscious mind which was

On microscopic interpretation of phenomena predicted by the formalism of general relativity

The main macroscopic phenomena predicted by general relativity (the motion of Mercury’s perihelion, the bending of light in the vicinity of the sun, and the gravitational red shift of spectral lines)

Einstein and the Perihelion Motion of Mercury

On November 23, 2021, the Einstein-Besso manuscript on the perihelion motion of Mercury will be auctioned at Christie’s. Expected to fetch around $3M, it promises to be the most expensive scientific

Rethinking the Foundations of the Theory of Special Relativity: Stellar Aberration and the Fizeau Experiment

In a previous paper published in this journal, we described a new relativistic wave equation that accounts for the propagation of light from a source to an observer in two different inertial frames.