The Theory of Groups and Quantum Mechanics

  title={The Theory of Groups and Quantum Mechanics},
  author={Edward Uhler Condon}
The sharp second order Caffareli-Kohn-Nirenberg inequality and stability estimates for the sharp second order uncertainty principle
In this paper we prove a class of second order Caffarelli-Kohn-Nirenberg inequalities which contains the sharp second order uncertainty principle recently established by Cazacu, Flynn and Lam [13] as
The hypergeometric Wigner and Weyl transforms attached to the Cherednik operators in the W-invariant case
ABSTRACT Using the harmonic analysis associated to the Cherednik operators in the W-invariant case, relating to the root system , we define and study the Wigner and Weyl transforms where σ is a
Path integral polymer propagator of relativistic and nonrelativistic particles
A recent proposal to connect the loop quantization with the spin foam model for cosmology via the path integral is hereby adapted to the case of mechanical systems within the framework of the so
A unified approach to weighted Hardy type inequalities on Carnot groups
The unifying method may be readily used both to recover most of the previously known weighted Hardy and Heisenberg-Pauli-Weyl type inequalities as well as to construct other new inequalities with an explicit best constant on £G.
The continuous orbifold of N = 2 minimal model holography
: For the N = 2 Kazama-Suzuki models that appear in the duality with a higher spin theory on AdS 3 it is shown that the large level limit can be interpreted as a continuous orbifold of 2 N free
Quasiprobability methods in quantum interferometry of ultracold matter
A method of simulating the full quantum field dynamics of multimode, multi-component Bose-Einstein condensates is developed. The truncated Wigner representation is used to obtain a probabilistic
Hardy-Poincaré, Rellich and uncertainty principle inequalities on Riemannian manifolds
We continue our previous study of improved Hardy, Rellich and Uncertainty principle inequalities on a Riemannian manifold $M$, started in \cite{Kombe-Ozaydin}. In the present paper we prove new