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The Theory and Practice of Insurgency and Counterinsurgency

  title={The Theory and Practice of Insurgency and Counterinsurgency},
  author={Bernard B. Fall},
  journal={Naval War College Review},
IF WE LOOK AT THE 20TH CENTURY ALONE we are now in Viet-Nam faced with the forty-eighth "small war." Let me just cite a few: Algeria, Angola, Arabia, Burma, Cameroons, China, Colombia, Cuba, East Germany, France, Haiti, Hungary, Indochina, Indonesia, Kashmir, Laos, Morocco, Mongolia, Nagaland [an Indian state on the Burmese border], Palestine, Yemen, Poland, South Africa, South Tyrol, Tibet, Yugoslavia, Venezuela, West Irian [Indonesia, on New Guinea], etc. This, in itself, is quite fantastic. 
Global Insurgency and the New Foreign Policy
Since the debacles in Bosnia, Rwanda, and Somalia in the years following the fall of the Berlin Wall, through the catastrophe of 9/11 and the onset of a ‘long war’ against global insurgency,Expand
Psychotherapy, Insurgency And Insecurity In The North-Eastern Region Of Nigeria
The Boko Haram insurgency has lately introduced a terrorist dimension into the crime space in Nigeria. The trademarks of the Boko Haram are wanton destruction of lives and property with recklessExpand
The Centurions vs. the Hydra: French Counterinsurgency in the Peninsular War (1808-1812)
Abstract : Considered the first documented commitment of a Western-style army facing a nation-wide insurgency, the Peninsular War deserves a critical examination of French pacification methods. InExpand
The Islamic State and the Return of Revolutionary Warfare
Abstract The rise of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) is not well understood at this point. This paper starts by comparing the Islamic State to the Vietnamese communists in a revolutionary warfareExpand
Response to Jessica A. Stanton’s review of Economy of Force: Counterinsurgency and the Historical Rise of the Social
  • P. Owens
  • Political Science, Sociology
  • Perspectives on Politics
  • 2017
This radical new history and theory of counterinsurgency has major implications for social, political and international thought. Retrieving the older but surprisingly neglected language of householdExpand
Neo counter-insurgency: Vietnam redux?
This thesis argues that current counter-insurgency doctrine, theory and practice as employed by the militaries of the Coalition (America, Australia and Britain) overlooks critical relationshipsExpand
Multinational counterinsurgency: the Western intervention in the Boxer Rebellion 1900–1901
This article proposes a case study of the multinational counterinsurgency operations that occurred in China during the Boxer Rebellion in 1900–1, to provide a better understanding of the politicalExpand
Elements of ‘armed non-state actors’ power: The case of al-Qaeda in Yemen
Over the past few years there is an apparent re-regionalization of al-Qaeda activity, intensified by the ongoing Middle East turmoil. Its main characteristic is a trend towards the abandonment ofExpand
Airpower in Afghanistan 2005-10: The Air Commanders' Perspectives
Abstract : Afghanistan has been a rewarding, complex, and challenging mission for all nations involved, not least for Afghanistan itself. Few, if any, anticipated that the initial attacks on theExpand
Accounting for the Resilience of the Taliban
Following four years of civil war the Taliban captured and took power of Kabul in September 1996 and thereby assumed de facto control over Afghanistan. Soon after, by presenting itself as aExpand