The Theory Of Economic Development

  title={The Theory Of Economic Development},
  author={Joseph Alois Schumpeter and Ursula Backhaus},
Buku ini memberikan infmasi tentang aliran melingkar kehidupan ekonomi sebagaimana dikondisikan oleh keadaan tertentu, fenomena fundamental dari pembangunan ekonomi, kredit dan modal, laba wirausaha, bunga atas modal, dan siklus bisnis. 
Girişimci yönetim biçimi ve finansal performans ilişkisi: Çanakkale Bölgesi'nde faaliyet gösteren otel işletmelerinde bir araştirma
It is aimed in this study to present the relationship between the entrepreneurial management (i.e. the management philosophy of an organization’s overall internal management systems and
Inovaţie şi dinamism: despre interacţiunea dintre sistemele economice şi progresul tehnic
The essence of post-socialist transformation can be easily summarized: a large set of countries moved from socialism to capitalism. This shift itself is the strongest historical evidence of the
KULTURELL FORANKRING OG MARKEDSSTRATEGI En dybdestudie av fiskeindustrien i Måløy i Vågsøy kommune.
Summary: The paper discusses relations between globalisation and local capitalism. The discussion focus on how firms in the Norwegian fish processing industry have adapted to increasing international
Empresarialidad e instituciones: dos nuevas perspectivas del análisis regional
This paper offers a review of the main progress made in entrepreneurship analysis and institutional economics, discussing its possible integration to general theory of economic development,
The Burma delta: economic development and social change on an Asian rice frontier, 1852-1941
In the decades following its annexation to the Indian Empire in 1852, Lower Burma (the Irrawaddy-Sittang delta region) was transformed from an underdeveloped and sparsely populated backwater of the
In this study, the effect of financial development on economic growth was searched for Turkish economy by using the monthly data of the period from 1992 to 2010. According to empirical evidence,
Determinantes del crecimiento económico e intermediación bancaria: un análisis empírico para países latinoamericanos
The aim of this article is to evaluate the contribution of the banking sector to the economic growth of 16 Latin American countries, from 1979 to 2006. The econometric procedure is based on a panel
On “The Europeanization of Persia” by N. Basseches
In the Deutscher Volkswirt (1928), Nikolaus Basseches has described in four parts, how Persia developed from an ancient state to a modern market economy. Next to the developments in trade and
Eficiencia dinámica, RSE y desarrollo incluyente. Una aproximación económica a microfundamentos y modelizaciones alternativas.
Abstract. The most profuse literature in economic growth is based on the Solow-Swan Model (1956). Alternative perspectives have emerged in the last decades, looking for a better explanation about the
El tamaño del sector cooperativo en la Unión Europea: una explicación desde la teoría del crecimiento económico
Resumen es: Las bases del crecimiento economico de las economias occidentales han sido seriamente danadas por la crisis actual. Algunas de las respuestas politicas p...