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The Thasian epidemic of mumps during the 5th century BC.

  title={The Thasian epidemic of mumps during the 5th century BC.},
  author={Gregory Tsoucalas and K Laios and Marianna Karamanou and George Androutsos},
  journal={Le infezioni in medicina : rivista periodica di eziologia, epidemiologia, diagnostica, clinica e terapia delle patologie infettive},
  volume={21 2},
  • G. Tsoucalas, K. Laios, G. Androutsos
  • Published 1 June 2013
  • History
  • Le infezioni in medicina : rivista periodica di eziologia, epidemiologia, diagnostica, clinica e terapia delle patologie infettive
This article briefly reminds the readers of the huge importance of Hippocrates observation about the epidemic of mumps in Thasos during the fifth century BC. By putting great emphasis on the value of observation of the disease process, mainly from the practical point of view, the Corpus Hippocraticum gave us the first written detailed description of the disease. 

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