The Test of Maritime Sovereignty: The Establishment of the Zim National Shipping Company and the Purchase of the Kedmah, 1945–1952

  title={The Test of Maritime Sovereignty: The Establishment of the Zim National Shipping Company and the Purchase of the Kedmah, 1945–1952},
  author={Kobi Cohen-Hattab},
  journal={Israel Studies},
  pages={110 - 134}
In its quest for statehood, the Jewish settlement (Yishuv) in Palestine established the Zim shipping company in 1945. Zim purchased its first ship, the Kedmah, in partnership with a British firm. However, technical setbacks, as well as infighting within the crew, distrust on the administrative level, and critiques by some circles within the Yishuv, ultimately made the Yishuv’s first foray into maritime sovereignty a questionable achievement. The ship’s success as a symbol of the burgeoning… 

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