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The Terms and Concepts Related to the Phono semantics of the Kartvelian languages

  title={The Terms and Concepts Related to the Phono semantics of the Kartvelian languages},
  author={Rusudan Gersamia},
  journal={Bilingual Scholarly Peer-Reviewed Journal Spekali},
  • Rusudan Gersamia
  • Published 2016
  • Philosophy
  • Bilingual Scholarly Peer-Reviewed Journal Spekali
  • “Onomatopoeia is an approximate convey of sound, accompanying a number of sounds in nature or living creatures (screams, whistles, etc.) Based on this, several kinds of words can be distinguished according to their forms and functions: 1. Onomatopoeia itself, i.e. changeless in form, approximate convey of the complex of sounds (not indication): for example, cock-a-doodle-doo; cuckoo; clack 2. Based on onomatopoeia form-changing words denoting this or that sounds: for example, hissing, burning… CONTINUE READING


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