The Term Lynch Law

  title={The Term Lynch Law},
  author={Albert Matthews},
  journal={Modern Philology},
  pages={173 - 195}
  • A. Matthews
  • Published 1 October 1904
  • History
  • Modern Philology
THovUGH a discussion of the practice of lynch law does not come within the scope of this paper, yet a brief outline of the practice is pertinent.' Whether the criminal laws were adequate and their administration efficient, during our colonial period, need not be debated here. It is sufficient o point out that for more than half a century before the term lynch law is encountered, lawlessness had existed to a greater or less extent in various parts of the country. Complaints about desperadoes… 


Charles Lynch as a suitable Person to exercise the Office of Colonel of Militia in this County
Charles Lynch was apparently not a member after this session. 3 Journal of the House of Delegates
  • 4This account of Charles Lynch is largely taken from Dr. T. W. PAGE'S admirable article on "The Real Judge Lynch" in the Atlantic Monthly for December
The 7th ed., 1855, does not contain the term lynch law; the 8th ed. I have not seen. Where the editor, B. VINCENT, got the story, I do not know
Under his [Charles Lynch's] direction, suspected persons were arrested and brought to his house, where they were tried by a court composed of himself, and the gentlemen above named