The Temperance Songs of Stephen C. Foster

  title={The Temperance Songs of Stephen C. Foster},
  author={Paul D. Sanders},
  journal={American Music},
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beginning around 1840 and continuing to the ratification of the National Prohibition act in 1920, temperance reformers in the united States produced an astounding number of songs published in hundreds of temperance songsters and as sheet music. These songs were sung at temperance meetings and festivals, in schools, and at home. Temperance reformers understood the power of music and freely utilized songs in the battle against “demon rum.” Writing early in the movement, mary Dana exclaimed in The… 


Comrades, Fill No Glass for Me: Stephen Foster’s Melodies As Borrowed by the American Temperance Movement
Among the thousands of temperance songs written between 1840 and 1920 were many songs set to tunes by American Composer, Stephen Collins Foster (1826–1864). Despite his personal battle with alcohol,
Stephen Foster & Co. : lyrics of America's first great popular songs
Stephen Foster is the trunk of the tree of American song. His blackface minstrel songs, including "Oh! Susanna," "Old Folks at Home" ("Way down upon the Swanee River..."), and "My Old Kentucky Home,"
"Forever in Our Ears": Nature, Voice, and Sentiment in Stephen Foster's Parlor Style
Stephen Foster’s songs embody the simultaneous loss and opportunity of his rapidly industrializing society. While nineteenth-century Americans struggled with the loss of their agrarian identity, they
American Popular Music
This book discusses Tin Pan Alley and American Popular Song, the Origins and Development of Early Rock, and many Sounds From Many Places in the Nineties: Music in a New Millenium.
Tracking Alcohol Consumption Over Time
  • T. Greenfield, W. Kerr
  • Medicine
    Alcohol research & health : the journal of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
  • 2003
The regular collection of data on aspects of alcohol consumption will greatly increase researchers’ understanding of the forces influencing a population’s alcohol consumption and its consequences.
A treasury of Stephen Foster
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