The Teaching of the Almagest in Late Antiquity

  title={The Teaching of the Almagest in Late Antiquity},
  author={David Edwin Pingree},
  pages={75 - 98}
(ProQuest: ... denotes non-USASCII text omitted.)My objectives in this paper are two: to reveal the richness of the tradition of the study of the Almagest1 between the date of its composition in the middle of the second century AD2 and its appearance simultaneously in Byzantium3 and Baghdad4 in the late eighth century, and to hypothesise about the origins of one of several commentaries on the Almagest that were composed during this period.The earliest documented attempt to discuss critically… 

In What Sense Did Theon’s Commentary on the Almagest Have a Didactic Purpose?

Among mathematical texts from Antiquity, Theon’s commentary on Ptolemy’s Almagest, together with his two commentaries on the Handy Tables, are rare examples of works that can be credited as having an

The Sābians of Harrān and the classical tradition

This article addresses questions concerning the characteristics of the paganism of Harrān, its eclectic sources, and its development by examining the relationships—real, possible, and fictitious—of

The size of the ecumene of the Mediterranean in ancient times

For the purpose of this manuscript, we used the old maps of Europe and of the ecumene, as it was known at the time, in order to establish the ecumene properties, as well as the size of the

Platonism and Planetary Motion: Reason, Balance and Order in Proclus’ Commentary on Republic 617a4–b4

Abstract This paper focuses primarily on an examination of the discussion about planetary motion found in the portion of Proclus’ commentary on Plato’s Republic that deals with the myth of Er,

Saturn, the Lord of the seventh millennium

L'A. publie ici la transcription d'un texte indien, avec sa traduction anglaise, qui expose la doctrine bien connue de la seigneurerie zodiacale de chaque millenaire, laquelle aboutit a une

From Lyrics by al-Fazārī to Lectures by al-Fārābī:



Isidore of Miletus and Hypatia: On the Editing of Mathematical Texts

The explicit to the commentary on Book II is identical except for the numeral. And the explicit to his commentary on Archimedes' In dimensionem circuli is identical again except for the title of the

The Greek Influence on Early Islamic Mathematical Astronomy

Some concepts of Greek mathematical astronomy reached Islam in the eighth century through translations and adaptations of Sanskrit and Pahiavi texts. These represented largely non-Ptolemaic ideas and

Ptolemy's Almagest

Foreword vii Addenda and Corrigenda xi Preface xv Introduction i Contents of the Almagest 27 Translation of the Almagest 33 Appendices 649 Bibliography 673 Index 683

Une scolie inédite du Vat. gr. 1594 sur les rapports entre l'astronomie arabe et Byzance

Dans le quatrieme volume des Memoires scientifiques de Paul Tannery, figure un court article sur les lEphemerides chez les Byzantins, d'abord publie par Jules Tannery dans le Bulletin des sciences


1962 erschien in der Bibliotheca Teubneriana die Editio princeps eines antiken Kommentars zu den Eisagogika des Paulos von Alexandrien, der in den Handschriften, wenn auch nicht unzweideutig, einem

Le premier traité byzantin de calcul indien : classement des manuscrits et édition critique du texte

On sait, particulierement depuis les travaux de P. Tannery, qu'il existe un traite anonyme de calcul indien, sensiblement different de celui de Maxime Planude et qui lui servit de source. Dans un

Sabiens coraniques et Sabiens de Harran

Le probleme de l'identification des Sabiens mentionnes dans le Coran parmi les " peuples du Livre " et des Sabiens de Harran. Expose des theses de D. Chwolsohn (1856) et des contre-theses de J.

Apollonn Pergaei quae graece exstant 2

  • Leipzig.
  • 1893