The Teaching of Geography.

  title={The Teaching of Geography.},
  author={Zoe A. Thralls},
IN opening the discussion on the teaching of geography at a joint meeting of the Sections of Geography and Education of the British Association at Edinburgh on September 9, Mr. G. G. Chisholm laid stress on the physical basis of geography, but urged the importance of regarding the physical agencies not so much as changing the face of Nature as influencing the distribution of man and his activities. Mr. Chisholm pointed out that geographers have now reached a considerable measure of agreement in… 

Changes in the Subject Matter of Geography Textbooks: 1907–1993

This study is centred on changes in subject matter in 15 sets of British geographical textbooks from 1907–1993. Measurements of eight variables were undertaken. Major findings are: first, classic

Is the inclusion of Geography in the School and University Curriculum Important in the 21st Century

A number of people in the world do not understand the reasons for studying Geography mainly because apart from academia there are no other people employed as geographers, therefore the question of

Histories of Geographical Education

This paper revisits the value of and justification for histories of geographical education as a field of research endeavour within geographical education. Four potentially fruitful areas of research

A Review of “Global Perspectives in the Geography Curriculum: Reviewing the Moral Case for Geography”

geography should have little trouble following her arguments, and the book would provide good fodder for discussion in such courses. Moreover, the relative independence of the chapters would

Factors Strengthening School Geography's Curricular Position in the Nineteenth Century

The purpose of this study was to analyze the evolution of geography in the United States’ K–12 education system throughout the Nineteenth Century to understand the causes of variations, shifts in

Norwegian school geography and geographical education: A new research field?

Despite having a long-standing relationship, teacher education and geography in primary and secondary education in Norway has received little attention as a research field within academic geography

Visualizing Imperial Geography: Halford Mackinder and the Colonial Office Visual Instruction Committee, 1902-11

A t the Board of Education’s Imperial Education Conference in 1911, Halford Mackinder spoke on ’The teaching of geography from an imperial point of view, and the use which could and should be made of

The International Challenge of More Thinking Through Geography

Geography is a brilliant, exciting subject but you would not say that when you look in some classrooms. Often pupils are bored and demotivated. The question is how to make geography lessons more

Continuity and Change in Geography Education: Learning and Teaching

Geography education has a rich heritage of content and teaching, a substantial background of theory and research in both geography and pedagogy, and opportunities to apply both practical fieldwork

Re-Discovering Geography in South Carolina's World Cultures Curriculum

With the adoption and implementation of the South Carolina Social Studies Academic Standards in 2005, South Carolina’s middle level classrooms have been without a named, stand-alone geography course.