The Tax of 1185 in Aid of the Holy Land

  title={The Tax of 1185 in Aid of the Holy Land},
  author={Fred A. Cazel},
  pages={385 - 392}
THE crusade taxes of 1166 and 1188, the latter the famous Saladin Tithe, are well-known as levies made by the kings of France and England at the request of the pope and paid by both the clergy and the laity for the support of the crusade to the Holy Land. A similar tax was levied in the kingdom of Jerusalem in 1183. The tax which is here discussed resembles these other taxes. According to its ordinance, the tax was provided for by King Philip Augustus of France and King Henry II of England with… 
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Historians of the crusades have given most of their attention to the major crusading expeditions, especially to the first, and to the surface history of the Latin states in Syria, especially to that


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