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The Tale of Aladdin in European Oral Tradition

  title={The Tale of Aladdin in European Oral Tradition},
  author={Ulrich Anne E. Marzolph},
There once was a gipsy woman whose only son was very handsome. One day, the son said to his mother: "My dear mother! Go to the king and tell him I want to marry his daughter!" His mother refused to go, since it was quite unlikely that the king would give his daughter to a gipsy boy. But the young man would not let go, he went to the king and asked him for his daughter. The king said: "Get lost, you foul gipsy! How would I give my daughter to a gipsy?" But the young man kept on begging, until… 
The Tale of Aladdin in Georgian Oral Tradition
Abstract The tale of Aladdin is an example of the adaptation of Middle Eastern fairy tales in Europe and then of the spread of European literary tales into world culture. This article gives an


Märchen aus Tausend und einer Nacht bei den Slaven
Es wird heute allgemein anerkannt, daß orientalische Einflüsse die europäische Märchentradition bereichert haben. Teilweise wurden diese orientalischen Einflüsse durch die Araber vermittelt. Was die