The Tagish Lake Meteorite: A Possible Sample from a D-Type Asteroid

  title={The Tagish Lake Meteorite: A Possible Sample from a D-Type Asteroid},
  author={T. Hiroi and M. Zolensky and C. Pieters},
  pages={2234 - 2236}
  • T. Hiroi, M. Zolensky, C. Pieters
  • Published 2001
  • Geology, Medicine
  • Science
  • A new type of carbonaceous chondrite, the Tagish Lake meteorite, exhibits a reflectance spectrum similar to spectra observed from the D-type asteroids, which are relatively abundant in the outer solar system beyond the main asteroid belt and have been inferred to be more primitive than any known meteorite. Until the Tagish Lake fall, these asteroids had no analog in the meteorite collections. The Tagish Lake meteorite is a carbon-rich (4 to 5 weight %), aqueously altered carbonaceous chondrite… CONTINUE READING
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