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The Tachyon Nexus: An Educational Resource on Tachyons and Time Travel

  title={The Tachyon Nexus: An Educational Resource on Tachyons and Time Travel},
  author={Robert Ehrlich},
  journal={arXiv: Physics Education},
  • R. Ehrlich
  • Published 1 January 2020
  • Education, Physics
  • arXiv: Physics Education
A web site called The Tachyon Nexus (no relation to Tachyon Nexus Inc) is described. This web site (ehrlich.physics.edu) includes much reliable information about the controversial subjects of time travel and faster-than-light particles known as tachyons mostly from a physics point of view. This compendium of various resources should be of great value both to students seeking to learn about these subjects or to high school teachers or college professors wishing to include them in their teaching… 



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